I want a magento ecommerce website. What is next?

Nov 11

I want a magento ecommerce website. What is next?

November 11, 2018

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur entering the online marketplace or a mature and established business, selling online is a convenience that leads you ahead of the market. This convenience of eCommerce has become so essential to retailer’s success, that it overshadows the regular offline retail business. If you have decided to develop your webshop online then you probably already know or have the products you want to sell. If your decision is to move forward with the Magento eCommerce, then you’re ready to meet the customer’s shopping experience and keep up with the eCommerce trends. Whether you’re decide for a magento website, shopify or any other platform the steps are similar to any of your choice. So what is next?

  1. If you do not have a domain name for your eCommerce business, then you may want to register one as soon as possible. You should research additional helpful information, if you have never dealt with domains. If you do have one, then go to point #2.

Tip. In order to stand out from your competitors, select a domain name that is representative to your business and catchy to the eye and memory.

  1. Find a professional services company that will be able to assess your needs and implement your ideas using the right magento or shopifyinstallation package, hosting and all the needed customization that you may prefer. At this stage, the question of which eCommerce platform to use may appear. To find the right technology solutions team, get a quote for your project from several companies and pick the one that will be easy to work with.

Tip. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always best. To learn more about the consulting process for a technology project, check our relevant article.

  1. The eCommerce software development and implementation team will give you the best advise on the latest cutting-edge technology solutions and will allow it gain traction for your project starting from the early stage.

Tip.Cooperation is important as well as timely feedback and communication.

  1. Design is important. Try to match the theme of your eCommerce website with your brand colors. Additionally think of some fonts, color and layouts so that you can agree with the implementation team.
  2. Now the migration follows. If you already had a website, at this stage the migration of your products information to the new platform will start. If you didn’t have a website before, the team of professionals will help you in setting up the products on your new platform.

Tip.To facilitate the migration and save time, it will be easier if you have all the products information available in templates and/or database. Have all the products names, types, description, prices, etc ready and available. This will help with the sales process management as well as inventory and warehouse.

  1. Once you have all the necessary information in your eCommerce platform, additional settings and customizations might be needed to your store. At this stage your payment tool can be configured, as well as shipping. Luckily, the ecommerce platforms such as Magento or Shopify allow “out-of-the-box” options and multiple integrations with helpful tools for this purpose.
  2. Customer communication is important. To improve your customer experience it is preferred to set up the transactional mails and email templates. While the software development team can help you with the Admin panel set up, for your operations, you can assign the roles for customers communication.
  3. SEO and marketing should not be underappreciated. Magento or shopify platform is SEO friendly and with the appropriate configurations it will grow your business. One of the benefits of an eCommerce platform is that it is scalable, therefore with the right marketing tools, your onlines business can achieve the desired results.
  4. To make sure that your web shop is working in the proper way, reporting is key. Monitoring the progress becomes crucial at moments when you want to drive specific categories of product sales, deciding on replacing a product, etc.Analytics can also improve your marketing strategies and reach the targeted customers. The business performance metrics can lay between the site traffic, conversion rates, cost per acquisition,etc.

Medium and large businesses prefer magento platform because it is very powerful engine and can be heavily customized to their business needs.

Gabriel Mongeau
Gabriel Mongeau
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