How long does it take to build a Magento Website ?

Every day, smart people with great ideas come to us asking for help to build their Magento site to get their new eCommerce business up and running. The story generally goes like this:

Feb 20

How long does it take to build a Magento Website ?

February 20, 2017

Every day, smart people with great ideas come to us asking for help to build their Magento site to get their new eCommerce business up and running. The story generally goes like this:

  • Biliance:

    Great to meet you, john! Thank you for contacting us.

  • John:

    Thanks, I have a business idea that will change the world, and I want to build a Magento site to start selling my products!

  • Biliance:

    That is great, John! Please tell me more about it…

  • John:

    Ok! For about 3 years now, I have been working with my cousin, who is a doctor, and we have been studying muscles, and specifically, neck and back problems. We found out that most back pain problems are related to bad posture, so we have come up with 3 products that will change the way people sit, so that they can solve their problems! So I need to know something! When can have the website up and running?

And there it is, the “million dollar question”… And, even though we know people are going to ask (because they always do), there is no way to have an answer ready under the sleeve.

Why? Because there are many things to consider before answering that question.

Building a Magento site can take from 1 week to 2 years. Yes… It is that variable. Now, this doesn’t mean that developers will start working on your project without knowing how long it is going to take. Au contraire, we start working on the project after we make a plan and study precisely the amount of hours (with a margin of error) that it is going to take to build the project. How long is this? once again, between 20 and 2000 hours. It all depends on the project, it’s reach, and the specifications required to make it work.

Normally, an indecent amount of actors come into play when defining how much time a project will take, but the main factors to take into account when planning your Magento eCommerce site are:

How dedicated is your eCommerce team to the project

If you are building your new website, this is one of the most important elements to consider. If your team is spending too much time in the operational part of your old website, or working on your customer’s projects, it will take long hours to finish you own project, unless you start treating yourself as one more customer.

How well documented your processes are:

Before creating your eCommerce, it is important knowing what your processes are (or will be), that means knowing the steps your customers will follow, the information you need from them, how your systems will connect, the tools you will be using, et cetera… Be sure to have every-thing well studied and thought of before you begin.

What your priorities are:

When starting a new project, having thousands of ideas is completely normal. It is important to prioritize those ideas to know which ones are really essential to launch the project. After all, the most important thing is coming out with a functional website that wows your customers, but leav-ing them with something to wait for is not always a bad idea. Plus, the way they interact with your site will prove you right or wrong, and you can re-prioritize your features constantly!

How many 3rd party integrations you need to do:

Sometimes, people forget that a e-commerce website is a complex system that cannot survive on its own, meaning that it needs to integrate with other tools or systems to function correctly. The development of your Magento site can sometimes depend on these integrations, and this may take a fair amount of time.

How fast are your internal decision processes:

Internal decision processes can be funnels sometimes, and funnels are not always fun. If your company requires 1 or 2 weeks to make a decision internally, this may slow down the process, not only for the time waiting a reply itself, but because it kills the momentum of the project. We always recommend assigning someone that will be responsible (and, if possible, autonomous) for the project before starting the development.

How complicated the project really is:

Just as not all people are the same , all projects are different from each other. Some are very simple and don’t require much thinking-out-of-the-box, but others can be really challenging, eve when it doesn’t seem that way from the outside or by looking at the final product. The more custom de-velopment is necessary or the more non-standardized technologies we have to use, the more time it will probably take, as developers may have to plan for testing, corrections, and unforeseen complications.

Basically, that is it. Six main factors to take into account before we can give our friend John a final response regarding how long his project will take before it is ready to launch. So, it is important to plan ahead and try to have as much of this information ready before speaking to your development team, because they will most likely need to know this (and beware if they don’t ask…).

If you are thinking about creating your own eCommerce site, Magento may be a great option for you, but to define this, be sure to check this blog post: Is Magento the right eCommerce platform for my project? Is Magento the right commerce platform for your business?

Gabriel Mongeau
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