Skalierbar, anpassbar, personalisierbar, eine Vielzahl an Funktionen. All die Dinge, die Sie bei einer E-Commerce-Plattform benötigen.



We recognize and appreciate the challenges of online B2B systems, which is why we specialize in offering Magento. Rated one of the best ecommerce platforms to use by Forrester research and internet retailer, Magento is a formidable platform for medium and large businesses dealing in B2B transactions. Whether you are selling to governments, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, wholesalers, retailers and other companies, Magento offers a great solution for transacting with businesses.

With Magento, your customers can easily place their orders online, check status of the transaction, confirm real-time stock availability and make payments without needing to involve you in the transaction process.

We make it our mission to ensure you take advantage of the full plethora of Magento benefits which include: advanced marketing capability through email marketing and customer segmentation, personalized selling features such as loyalty programmes and group pricing, improved security during transaction through PCI compliance.


With the current competition in the B2C online retail space, it can be difficult for your business to stand out, generate traffic and convert this to revenue. Magento gives you the store-front you need to stand out, provides a robust backend for running interactive marketing campaigns, handle logistics, manage stocks with efficiency and retain quality customer traffic.


With thousands of individual shoppers accessing your store with different shopping needs, it can be challenging to organize information in a relevant way for every single of these visitors. Our team will work with you to come up with solutions that will make the front end of your store more customer-centric, enhance seamless communication, allow you to do more targeted marketing, pass relevant information and help shoppers in their journey to ensure a high conversion rate.



Every business needs a store that’s unique and suits its business objectives. Even with all the themes and designs available for Magento, it can be difficult to achieve this uniqueness. We will customize Magento to improve its appeal, make it more adapted to your specific needs and therefore increase conversions.


As certified Magento developers, we offer cutting-edge coding to help businesses transform their websites into stores that are scalable, robust and search-engine friendly.


We take user feedback seriously and use it to continuously improve your website and conversion rates.



We specialize in creating, deploying and maintaining Magento solutions for enterprise and B2C users. We build modules on top Magento to improve and update native functionalities.

Personalizing for B2B to ensure you can make relevant product recommendations to your clients reducing the endless interaction involved in the order placement process. By customizing Magento, we give our B2B customers a tool that not only incorporates the sophisticated and powerful elements required by enterprise companies but also the flexibility available in B2C solutions.

Integration of Magento with your ERP systems, proprietary applications or other third party applications to allow for faster and seamless transition in your business after deployment.


We will guide you to take advantage of a hosting plan that will allow you to operate your business to the scale you desire.We assist you with our comprehensive Magento support services including modules installation, configurations, security patching, troubleshooting, bug fixing, upgrades, interface support and others to ensure smooth operation of your business.

We collaborate with your company to envision scenarios that will allow you to deal with challenges of B2B & B2C business while achieving your business objectives.

We tailor solutions that help sellers achieve more flexibility to deal with their customers, thus improving trust and professionalism.