Curious, disruptive, informative. We provide data analytics that give your business a competitive advantage.


In business, Data Science shapes competitive advantage and lets management make informed decisions. We use tools such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Impala, Hive, and d3.js for data mining, and discover the valuable insights they contain. We generate insights from the data stored in your company databases; Data collected from outside research teams, or you have used other technological tools, such as crawlers, to collect this data for you.

Working with us relieves you of the investment in time and money you need to spend learning new tools. By using our services, you do not have to invest in new data systems. In short, we serve as an extension of your business; We calculate data and create data when you need it.

With every step in technological growth, data grow in scale and diversity, increasing the need for companies to consume them with increasing speed. The higher the demand for data within a company, the greater the demand for faster and more trustworthy data processing. At this point, we come into play.

From startups to mid-sized and large companies, data science has broad applicability in all areas, including governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations. We work with companies in all these areas and beyond to help them gather and make sense of data.



As a data researcher, we not only work with data from your systems, but also with data from various sources where we use data mining through web crawling tools. We will, on time – as agreed between us and your company – collect, analyze and interpret all relevant data for your industry with the aim of providing you with useful and executable insights.


Disorganized data can not provide you with correct information (insights). We clean the data to make sure it is presented in a format that makes it easy to use all variables without errors. A team dedicated to data processing will clean them for you, making sure to provide you with correct information (insights).


We use analytical methods such as machine learning to develop and apply algorithms that can predict future failures using current data sets. We eliminate human errors that inevitably arise when data analysis is not automated. By being at the forefront of technological development, we can automate the application of algorithms to large volumes of data to perform complex calculations and repeatedly deliver accurate results at rapid intervals.


We understand the need for data visualization and the need for each organization to communicate with its data. As experts in this field, we are able to work with tools / visualization libraries such as Data Driven Documents (d3.js) using HTML, CSS & SVG to use great visualization designs for data, more easily understandable formats like spreadsheets and to provide bar charts. We also tailor your data output formats to your needs and your audience.