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Inquisitive, disruptive, Informative. We offer data analysis that will give your company a competitive edge.

Why data science

In business, data science shapes competitive intelligence and allows management to make informed decisions. We employ tools such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Impala, Pig, Hive, and d3.js to mine data and discover the valuable insights contained within it. We will generate insights from data stored in your organization’s databases, data you’ve gathered through means such as third-party research teams or use other technological tools like crawler’s to gather this data for you.

Working with us takes away the need to invest time and money in learning new tools. By using our services, you will not need to invest in new data systems. In a nutshell, we’ll serve as an extension of your company, crunching data and generating analysis as, and when you need it.

With every step in technological growth, data is growing in volume and variety, giving rise to the need by companies to consume it with increasing rapidity. The more data needs grow within an organization, the greater the need for faster and reliable data processing. This is where we come in.

From startups, to medium sized and large companies, data science has wide applicability in all sectors, including government, business and NGOs. Its influence is notable in finance, business and economics. We work with companies in all these and more sectors, helping them to collect and make sense of data.


Data collection

As data scientists, we’ll not only work with data from your systems, but also with data from varied sources that we mine using web crawling tools. We will, on a schedule agreed between us and your company, collect, analyze, interpret any data relevant to your industry with the aim of giving you usable and executable insights.

Data wrangling

Messy data cannot give accurate insights. We tidy data to ensure it’s presented in a format that makes it easy to utilize all variables without errors. As a team dedicated to data processing, we will clean and sanitize your data for you ensuring it gives accurate insights. Our tools make it easy for us to clean through large sets of data at a snap, saving you time and energy as data wrangling is a time consuming process that can take up an organization’s time.

Data Analysis

We utilize analysis methods such as machine learning to develop and apply algorithms. We eliminate the element of human error that is bound to happen when data analysis is not automated. Being at the forefront of technological advancement, we are able to automate the application of algorithms to large amounts of data to perform complex calculations and repeatedly deliver accurate results at a fast rate.

Data Visualisation

We understand the essentials of data visualization and the need for any business to communicate with its data. As experts in this field, we are able to work with tools/visualization libraries like Data Driven Documents (d3.js), which use HTML, CSS & SVG, to apply great visualization designs to data, to yield formats such as tables and bar charts with are easier to understand. We will also customize your data output formats to suit your needs and audience.

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